Healthcare AI

Computer vision accelerates a broad range of healthcare applications from Cell Identification to Automated Surgical Logs.

  • Reduced patient risks
  • Faster medical analysis
  • Improved health outcomes

Geospatial AI

Bytes provides multi-sensor imaging analysis on the edge and in the cloud on board any type of observation vehicle.

  • Highly scalable
  • Rapid training and analysis
  • Deployable now

Safety and Security AI

Visual AI solutions provide safety & security teams with actionable insights about the environment or scene captured in the stream of images or video.

  • Workplace compliance
  • Public health safety
  • Access controls
  • Pre-trained models

Media AI

Bytes provides value to the the Media and Entertainment industry in a variety of scenarios.

  • Image Enrichment with automated metadata
  • Quality Control for or visual content
  • Technology App Enablement such as AR apps
  • Video Annotation and content analysis
  • Contextual Ad Enablement for publishers

Industrial AI

From flaw detection in manufacturing to flare monitoring in chemical processes, Bytes can provide visual inspection for one location, or thousands.

  • Scalable to 1000s of locations on the edge or in the cloud
  • AI training for any visual spectrum, X-Ray, IR, visible light
  • Examples include anomaly detection, OCR, or rapid counting
  • Enterprise AI for IoT with high speed and accuracy

Retail AI

From online retail enrichment to planogram analysis, Bytes offers efficiencies in both virtual and brick-and-mortar retail with enterprise AI solutions. Benefits include:

  • Quality control of shelf space and online images
  • Powerful store management tools
  • Contextual information apps for shoppers and managers
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